Anterior Hip Replacement

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement is a unique technique, currently used by a select group of surgeons in order to reduce muscle damage, pain and immobility associated with traditional hip replacements. The same “tried and true” implants are used, but this approach allows for a more anatomic exposure of the hip.

In traditional hip replacements, the patient is placed on his side for hours during surgery, with many muscles being removed from the pelvis and femur bone. This causes increased pain, decreased mobility and requires more time for healing. Furthermore, because these muscles are removed, it causes an inherent instability in the hip that often requires precautions in motion for 6 weeks to months after surgery.


Anterior Hip Replacement Advantages

By approaching the hip from the anterior, or front side of the body, the patient lies flat during surgery. This allows for a smaller incision (about 4 inches vs. 6-8 inches), and more patient comfort. By separating muscles in their natural directions without removing them from bone, there is less pain (with less need for pain medication), less scarring, and earlier return to function. The doctor is better able to assess leg lengths to assure that they are equal during surgery. There are no postoperative restrictions or precautions with this hip approach, all leading to better patient satisfaction and function. It is not uncommon for patients to walk with the physical therapist the afternoon of surgery, or be discharged from the hospital in only two days. Patients often walk into their first postoperative visit asking if they still need a cane.


Dr. Goodman, New York – A nationally renowned Anterior Hip Replacement Surgeon

Anterior Hip ReplacementDr. Goodman is one of the only surgeons in Brooklyn, New York, who routinely performs Anterior Hip Replacement. He has been part of multiple courses with nationally renowned names in joint replacement, and anterior hip replacement in particular. As part of his training in tumor surgery and complex joint replacement, Dr. Goodman feels comfortable with many approaches to joints, and he feels that Direct Anterior Hip Replacement combines a universally successful surgery with a more patient friendly innovation.


  Anterior Hip Replacement Traditional Hip Replacement
Average Hospital Stay 2-3 days 3-7 days
Smaller incision Approximately 4 inches 8+ inches
Muscle Trauma Muscles moved aside Muscles cut from bone
Hip position precautions None 3-6 months
Pain Decreased medication needs Weeks of narcotic used



Who in New York can benefit from Anterior Hip Replacement?

  • Patients with degenerative or other arthritic conditions of the hip
  • Patients who are unable to continue their daily activities because of hip pain
  • Patients who have failed non-surgical management
  • Patients with failed previous hip reconstructions

While this approach is not for everyone, Dr. Goodman looks to find a customized solution for any patient needing a joint replacement.  Dr. Goodman can be reached at 718-283-7450.

Please send us your Anterior Hip Replacement questions or any questions to our friendly staff via our online Contact Form. You may also contact us at 718-283-7400 or visit our office at 6010 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11204.

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