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Proper Running Form

How to Achieve and Maintain Better Running Form   1) Head The amount of head tilt and how far your chin sticks out are key to overall posture. Keep your eyes focused on the ground about 10 feet ahead of you, not at your feet. Your head should be relaxed, but not tilted too far […]

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Proper Swimming Technique to Promote Exercise and Prevent Injury

Swimming relies on the power and endurance of the upper body, shoulders, core and lower extremity muscles. Hundreds of repetitions in strokes and kicks can strengthen and tone the body; however, incorrect technique and posture while swimming can result in acute injury, pain and long term musculoskeletal issues. Swimming with a better technique to help […]

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Myth or Fact: Milk is Good for your Bones – An Interview with Dr. Jack Choueka

Milk mustache ads have long promoted the idea that drinking milk is important for children to grow strong bones. However, there are other ways for our bodies to get calcium and we may not need as much as we’ve been lead to believe. “The body derives calcium from two main sources,” says Dr. Jack Choueka, […]

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Osteoporosis makes bones weak and more likely to break.  Anyone can develop osteoporosis, but it is most common in older women. Osteoporosis is yet another silent disease that might not be discovered until you break a bone. A bone mineral density test is the best way to check the health of your bones. Eating a […]

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Cast Care Instructions

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CAST CARE OVERVIEW You have been placed in a cast to protect your bone and reduce pain as you heal. Taking proper care of your cast is very important. If you have questions about your cast, let your doctor know right away. CAST CARE INSTRUCTIONS Keep your cast dry at all times. To bathe with […]

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Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is one of the most common causes of pain. This condition is caused by the deterioration of the cartilage at the ends of your bones. As this hard, yet slippery, material wears away, the bone edges can be exposed and can rub against each other, causing swelling, fluid build up, […]

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