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Maimonides Receives 5-Star Ratings in Multiple Specialties From HealthGrades


Independent Quality Survey Highlights Outstanding Clinical Outcomes

Brooklyn, NY (October 20, 2009) – Maimonides Medical Center announced today that it has received top rankings for clinical excellence in multiple services, according to a comprehensive study released by HealthGrades, the nation’s leading independent healthcare ratings company. “Five Stars” is the highest rating a hospital can get from HealthGrades.


Maimonides achieved the following distinctions:

  • Cardiac: Maimonides was recognized with a 2010 HealthGrades Cardiac Care Excellence Award, encompassing overall medical and surgical care for cardiac patients. In addition, Maimonides ranked among the top five percent of hospitals in the nation for cardiology services and cardiac interventions, and is a recipient of the 2010 HealthGrades Coronary Intervention Excellence Award. And for the Treatment of Heart Failure, Maimonides has been five-star rated every year that HealthGrades has published its ratings.
  • Critical Care: Rated #1 in New York State for Critical Care Services, Maimonides is five-star rated in critical care – as well as for Treatment of Sepsis and Treatment of Respiratory Failure – and also is a recipient of the2010 HealthGrades Critical Care Excellence Award.
  • Gastrointestinal: Rated among the top five percent of hospitals in the nation for Gastrointestinal (GI) Medical Services, Maimonides is five-star rated in the treatment of both GI bleeds and bowel obstructions.
  • Orthopedics: Maimonides is, once again, five-star rated for Spinal Surgery.
  • Pulmonary: Maimonides is five-star rated in Treatment of Pneumonia for the eighth consecutive year.
  • Stroke: Rated among the top ten percent of hospitals in the nation for Treatment of Stroke, Maimonides is five-star rated in stroke treatment for the eighth consecutive year. The Joint Commission Accredited Stroke Center at Maimonides is a recipient of the 2010 HealthGrades Stroke Care Excellence Award.


“We are pleased to be recognized for providing exemplary care in such a wide range of clinical services,” said Maimonides President and CEO Pamela S. Brier. “This recognition reflects our commitment to patients and the high standards set by our remarkable physicians, nurses and support staff.”


The twelfth annual HealthGrades Hospital Quality in America Study examined nearly 40 million Medicare hospitalization records from the years 2006, 2007 and 2008. The study looks at trends in mortality and complication rates and also provides the foundation for HealthGrades quality ratings of procedures and diagnoses at each individual hospital.

“For patients, sites like provide the objective information needed to choose a high-quality hospital,” said Rick May, MD, an author of the HealthGrades study. “And for hospitals themselves, the HealthGrades ratings provide the data that can help them reach the benchmarks set by top performers.”


HealthGrades independently analyzed nearly 5,000 hospitals in all 50 states for its ratings, assessing clinical outcomes and quality in 28 procedures and diagnoses. Each hospital receives a one-, three- or five-star rating for each procedure or diagnosis, reflecting the mortality or complication rates at that hospital. According to HealthGrades, “Mortality and complication rates are risk-adjusted, which takes into account differing levels of severity of patient illness at different hospitals and allows for hospitals to be compared on equal footing.” The 2010 ratings can be viewed at

Maimonides Medical Center is among the largest independent teaching hospitals in the nation, training over 450 medical and surgical residents annually. Widely recognized for its major achievements in advancing medical and information technology, Maimonides has 705 beds and over 70 subspecialty programs. For more information on the nationally recognized clinical services at Maimonides Medical Center, please log-on to

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