Post-Operative Instructions for Shoulder Arthroscopy

1 Call Dr. Choueka’s office at 718-283-7362, or Dr. Edelstein’s office at 718-283-8927 for :


  • Temperature above 102 ºF or severe chilling.
  • Persistent nausea or vomiting.
  • Severe pain not relieved by oral medication.
  • Excessive or persistent swelling and redness around the incision.
  • Excessive bleeding or draining on the dressing.

2 Dressing Gown


  • There will be a white dressing with a plastic covering on your shoulder. 
  • It is waterproof, but do not soak it. 
  • Remove it 2 days after surgery and take a regular shower.  
  • Underneath you will see steristrips (brown strips).  Do not remove the steristrips. 

 3 Ice packs to your shoulder for 30 minutes, 4 times a day for 3 days.


4 Arm sling


  • Wear the arm sling at all times.  
  • You may remove it to take a shower and twice a day to move to move your elbow up and down. 
  • Do not try to raise your arm.     

5 Follow labeled instructions on your prescriptions.


6 Medication


  • Do not take your oral pain medication on an empty stomach. 
  • Do not drink alcohol or drive while taking the prescribed pain medication.  
  • Start taking your pain medication before your anesthetic block wears off.

7 If you have received general anesthesia:


  • Do not drive, drink any alcohol, and do not use any heavy equipment for 24 hours after your discharge from the hospital. 
  • Do not make any important decisions (i.e. sign important papers) for 24 hours after your discharge from the hospital.

8 We strongly suggest that a responsible adult be with the patient for the rest of the day and also during the night for the patient’s safety. 

9 Call us for a follow-up visit, at 718-283-1362 for Dr. Choueka, and 718-283-8927 for Dr. Edelstein.  Your should be seen a week after surgery.   

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