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Biceps Tendon Tear at Elbow

The left arm has a biceps tendon rupture. Note the bruising and the muscle moved up the arm.

The biceps muscle is the main muscle front of your arm. Like all muscles in the body it attaches to bone with tendons. Tendons attach the biceps muscle to the bone at both the shoulder and the elbow. When the tendon tears at the elbow is known as a distal biceps tendon rupture. It is fairly common for the biceps muscle to rupture at the elbow. When this happens it causes pain and weakness at the elbow.

The main cause of injury and cared of the bison tendon at the elbow is when the elbow is forced straight against resistance such as when lifting a heavy object or barbell. Men are greatest risk for developing distal bicep tendon tears especially men over the age of 30. Smokers and people you steroids are at all so increased risk.

The symptoms of the distal bicep tendon tear our immediate pain and swelling in the front of the elbow this can lead to a large amount of bruising in the arm. It causes weakness especially in supination which is turning the Palm up from a downward position. Often a gap of the tendon is easily noted in the elbow and the muscle travels upward in the arm causing a bulge of muscle and the upper arm.

A physical examination by an orthopedist can usually easily diagnose this condition. Sometimes an MRI is needed in order to differentiate between a partial and a complete tear of the biceps tendon.

There are various treatment options for biceps tendon tear. Surgery is not always needed. People with low demand that have medical problems would you not necessarily need to have much strength in their arms need not undergo surgery. The main benefit of surgical treatment is regaining strength in supination of the elbow. If surgery is to be performed it should be performed soon after the rupture otherwise repair the tendon becomes very difficult. Is important to discuss with your Dr. the risks and benefits of surgical treatment.

Regardless of whether surgery or nonsurgical treatments are elected therapy can be very helpful in regaining function after biceps tendon tear.

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