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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Sleep

The Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Maimonides Medical Center recently completed a study evaluating the impact of carpal tunnel syndrome on sleep quality and duration. This study was presented at the American Society for Surgery of the Hand as well as to the New York Society for Surgery of the Hand.

The critical relationship between sleep, health and well-being is gaining greater attention. The national sleep foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Unfortunately, sleep curtailment has become increasingly prevalent in modern day society due to higher demands, longer working hours and to the introduction of radio, television and the Internet. There is growing evidence that significant correlations exist between poor sleep quality and the development of conditions such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome consistently report nighttime symptoms and multiple awakenings. There are only a few studies that have looked at the effect of sleep on carpal tunnel patients, and the purpose of these studies was to evaluate patients with carpal tunnel syndrome and the impact of the condition on their sleep.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common nerve compression syndrome affecting millions of people. Our study at Maimonides Medical Center has established a clear relationship between carpal tunnel syndrome and the effect on sleep quality. We found that patients with carpal tunnel syndrome were sleeping 2 1/2 hours less than national sleep foundation recommendations. They were taking more sleeping pills and there was a direct relationship between the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome and the effect on sleep duration and quality.

We recommend that patients with carpal tunnel syndrome or with any condition that affects their sleep seek attention from their doctor.

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