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Holding Your Child to Avoid Back Injury

When the bouncing bundle of joy arrives home for the first time, the last thing that new mothers are thinking is back pain. Often times the joy of being included in the world of natal care overbears listless concepts like back injury. But, of course, every mother has her “wall,” and with each “wall” comes tremendous physical grievance that most likely could have been avoided. Here are some tips on taking care of your children and averting serious problematic futures with your back.

Exercise is Always Key

Resume a healthy exercise regimen as soon as possible after birth. By toning your muscles, you are preparing them for the strenuous years of childcare that are yet to come. Also, you will be aiding yourself in returning back to your original body weight (circa pre-pregnancy).

Tactics for Picking Up the Baby

Generally, many back problems stem from the incorrect approach to lifting your baby. Often times, women bend at the back to pick up their bundle of joy from the floor. However, to avoid injury, bend at the knee into a squat like position, and use core muscles to do the actual lifting.

When you are reaching for your baby, keep your arms close to your body. Also try to avoid twisting your body.

Don’t bend over the crib to reach for your baby. Remove the side, and pull your baby towards you.

Carry the Baby in Front

Why put extra strain on your hip? Use devices that constrain your baby to the front.

If you are already suffering from baby-related back injury, then there is still hope in recovery.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Ice is always helpful in soothing achy bones. It reduces swelling, and alleviates the pain. The opposite is also rather helpful. Soaks in hot water can also be a reinvigorating stress reliever, as well as a convalescing agent. However, be wary. If you are recovering from a C-section, be sure to get your doctor’s approval.

Pampered Moms

If 99% of your time is dedicated to your child, then you must be doing something right. However, take that remaining one percent of time, and be sure to use it on yourself! Taking a day off mom-duty is always a generous gift, especially when you can use that time to get a massage. Overworked parents with impending back problems aren’t quite omnipotent, but they come pretty close. They definitely deserve that day of rest.

Sit Down!

Try your best to avoid standing up for a prolonged period of time. Although parenting is demanding, your health is important too, and make sure to take some time off to heal the woes of being on your feet at all times.

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