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Patella Tendon Rupture

This is a forty-year-old male who had a six-month-old patella tendon rupture (the ligament connecting the kneecap to the leg bone). He was unable to make his knee straight from a bent position, as nothing was connecting the quad muscles to the leg.

This picture (“pre clinical”) shows how the affected (near knee) has the kneecap much higher up the leg than the unaffected knee, with the kneecap in its regular place.

The next picture (“pre plan”) shows the preoperative planning, as based on the unaffected side, in order to get an anatomic reconstruction.

The following videos show how it was reconstructed. The scar of the old tendon was taken away, and a new allograft tendon, with bone was chosen from the tissue bank. His is tissue that was from an outside donor, previously treated and frozen. The bone block on the tendon was fashioned to fit in a hole made in the patient’s tibia, and the tendon (rope) part was passed through a drilled hole in the patella, as well as around it, in order to get the best purchase. After screwing the allograft bone into the host, the tendon was tied down. The patient was then put into a cast.

At his four-month follow up, there is good healing of the bone, and with continued therapy, he is regaining motion. This video shows him flexing and extending his knee under his own power.

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