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Simultaneous Cardiac and Hip Surgery at Maimonides Medical Center

Patients with cardiac disease have double the risk of developing hip fracture, and hip fractures often occur in patients that have symptomatic heart disease. These patients often need cardiac surgery before their hip fracture can be addressed. This requires patients to have two major operations in one hospital stay. Since it is imperative that patients undergo hip surgery as quickly as possible in order to decrease complications, having to undergo cardiac surgery first can increase complication rates. There is a theoretical benefit of combining both cardiac and hip fracture procedures. This can decrease exposure to anesthesia, decrease the hospital stay, and decrease the time of patient immobilization. The prospect, however, of doing both surgeries simultaneously is daunting for patients and surgeons as well.

At Maimonides Medical Center patients identified with needing both surgeries have been undergoing the procedures simultaneously with excellent results. A total of eight patients in the last several years have gone through this procedure, combining the cardiac and hip surgeries during the same operation. The results have been excellent, with no increased complications seen in this group of patients, and no extended hospital stays were needed. These results have been presented at several National Orthopedic Meetings. Maimonides Medical Center continues to stay on the cutting edge of both cardiac and orthopedic surgery, providing even the most complex of patients with exceptional state-of-the-art care.

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