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Technology in Orthopedic Residency Training

Recent advances in technology including social and electronic media ,mobile devices and cloud servers have impacted our everyday lives. The impact of these technologies on orthopedic resident training and their implementation of patient care has been dramatic. At Maimonides Medical Center, the Orthopedic Surgery department uses these technologies to their fullest both for the education of the residents as well as improving patient care.

The advances employed at Maimonides Medical Center have been highlighted in technical exhibit at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery in San Franscisco.The presentation can be seen by clicking the link below:

technology in ortho

Screenshot of presentation AAOS 2012

Residents in the Emergency Room can consult with attendings using mobile devices

Attendings can advise residents no matter where they are

Using mobile devices like ipads, apps like dropbox and software like microsoft access, the orthopedic residents at Maimonides Medical Center are taking advantage of the latest technology when taking care of patients.

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