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Your Bones and Osteoporosis

It is never too late to take action to protect the health of your bones. Osteoporosis can be detected, treated and even prevented.

Throughout your life, you are constantly losing old bone and forming new bone. Osteoporosis happens when you lose too much bone, make too little bone or both. About 10 million people in the U.S. are estimated to have osteoporosis, and approximately 32 million have low bone density. Most people don’t know they have Osteoporosis until they break a bone.

Your chances of developing osteoporosis depend on a number of factors: gender, ethnic background, age, and diet.

Am I at Risk for Osteoporosis?

There are risk factors that are genetic, which we cannot control such as race, gender, age and family history. Caucasian and Asian women have a high risk of developing osteoporosis.

There are also lifestyle risk factors that we can control. These factors include exercise, diet, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Can I Strengthen my Bones and Reduce my Chances of Getting Osteoporosis?


  • Exercise regularly. You should exercise at least 2 and a half hours every week. Weight bearing exercises, like walking, are best.
  • Eat calcium-rich foods such as bok choy, broccoli, cheese, frozen yogurt, ice cream, milk,
  • oranges, salmon, shrimp, soybeans and tofu.
  • Quit smoking! Do not eat too many salty foods. And, keep alcohol to fewer than 2 drinks a day.
  • Talk to your doctor about your bone health. You may need medications and/or supplements like calcium and vitamin D that will help strengthen your bones.

Reduce your risk of falling by:

  • Keep floors free of clutter;
  • Remove throw rugs;
  • Install grab bars in the bathroom and use a non-skid mat in the shower or tub;
  • Keep stairwells well lit and light switches within reach;
  • Have a clear and well-lit path from your bedroom to the bathroom;
  • Install sturdy handrails wherever there are steps.

You are never too young or too old to protect your bones.

Now is the time to take action.


Get enough calcium and vitamin D every day.

Exercise daily.

Improve your balance and prevent falls.

Talk to your doctor about your bone health.

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