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I love to dance!

Brenda Fleming - Successful Outcome

The greatest tragedy was when on March 8th, 2010 I lost feeling of both of my legs and could no longer walk. Confined to a wheel chair and to depending on others for assistance and movement was difficult for me. I went to the Emergency Room and then was restricted to a nursing facility for a year, when I decided that it’s enough. Having researched doctors on the Internet, I found Dr. Howard Goodman, Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Dr. Howard Goodman and his assistant surgeon Dr. Robert Getter put my life back on track!

Following only two visits, my surgery took place to straighten my right leg through a knee replacement, which is now 100% straight. I was so happy with the result, that I asked the doctors to also operate on my left leg months later. Following therapy, I, only days later, began to walk.

I had a great team of doctors. Drs. Goodman and Getter were attentive, explained the procedures and recovery to me, and I trusted them completely. I’m so glad I did because they showed me that I can walk again and I owe my walking to them. They are the best surgeons.

The more I walk now, the better it gets. My days in the wheelchair are history, and I love the independence walking allows me. I have even returned to the dance floor on Saturdays. I love to dance!

Ms. Brenda Fleming
Interviewed June 8, 2011

Now I can hold my Great-Grandson!

Dr. Edelstein's Patient

Having struggled with pain in my wrist for many years, I was referred to Dr. David Edelstein.

I prefer to be self-sufficient, so the pain that kept me from taking care of myself and of my apartment really bothered me. I couldn’t wash the dishes, vacuum, or even make the bed. I am also a very active person, and I enjoy playing billiards, dancing, typing and surfing the internet, and especially playing with my new great-grandson.

All of these activities were very painful. Dr. Edelstein took the time, and after a quick X-ray that he’d taken in his office, patiently explained to me (surprisingly, in Russian that he’d learned from his patients) that I was suffering from carpal tunnel and would need surgery. At my age, I was very nervous about such a procedure, but he calmly explained the procedure to me, and I felt confident in the doctor’s ability to get me back to doing the activities I enjoy so much.

The procedure, which took place at the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Maimonides, was quick, and I was back with my family within hours. In just a few weeks, I regained the strength in my hand and was able to use my hand more and more. The best day was, though, when I was once again able to pick up and feed my newborn great-grandson. Thank you, Dr. Edelstein!